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Escape Rooms

Based on the ESCAPE2Stay-Intellectual Output: White Paper and further capacity building activities to understand the potential of Escape Rooms for vocational orientation, concrete Escape Room settings will be described. You will find these description and material for download in this section. In anticipation of your high motivation and competence in vocational guidance, we offer you as teachers, trainers and vocational counsellors the necessary information about the structure and equipment to set up an Escape Room yourself.

If you are interested to join the Escape2Stay network to co-create and try out the Escape Room settings in your organisation or enterprise, please contact us.
The piloting could be carried out as workshop or internally with members of your staff.


It is good to be informed about the story, equipment and structure of an Escape Room setting for vocational orientation. But you might not know, yet, what to consider from a didactical point of view - for example evaluation, the psychology of Escape Games, possible pitfalls etc.

That is why you will find a complementary handbook here later,  that guides you as potential Escape Room "creator" through the whole implementation process and places this game-based approach in a larger context of vocational orientation or marketing.


Here you will find any material and activities that serve as basis for the creation of Escape Room settings later on:

1) White paper:

Based on a data collection phase including a national desk research and focus group interviews this White Paper has been produced. It helps to understand the potential of educational Escape Games for vocational guidance and reveals concrete, attractive elements from the professional working world to be demonstrated to the target group in the Escape Room settings. 
This White Paperwas written within the scope of the first phase of the “Escape2Stay” project. It is a document that gathers and synthetizes the information contained in all the five national reports that were based on research conducted at a national level by each partner. 


The White Paper casts new light on vocational orientation beyond traditional formats thereby emphasizing its importance. And it hopefully encourages and makes you as (in-company) trainers, teachers and vocational counsellors want to try out and create Escape Games yourself.

2) Joint training for project teams of different participating countries:
The partnership will implement one joint staff training to allow educational staff at the partners' organisations getting an authentic picture of game-based approaches for vocational orientation, and experiencing those themselves.


The coordinator IHK-Projektgesellschaft mbH is the subsidiary company and VET provider of the Chamber of Commerce of Frankfurt on Oder and is in charge of promoting and implementing the dual VET system in Germany by leading VET-Business networks.

Auxilium pro Regionibus Europae in Rebus Culturalibus was founded in 2004 as a non-profit association for the promotion of education and culture in a Europe of the regions in Graz, Austria.

CEPROF - Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional is the owner of Escola Profissional de Espinho, a VET school, and it was created in 1990. Its vocation is the promotion of school centres and vocational schools. It aims to contribute to the personal and professional skills of learners, preparing them to the job market. It promotes the approach between schools and enterprises and provides learning opportunities according to local and national needs.

Camara Zaragoza is a Public Law Corporation aiming at encouraging the public-private dialogue by representing, promoting and defending the general interests of Commerce, Industry and Services of the province of Zaragoza visà-vis the Public Administration.

Šolski center Nova Gorica (ŠC NG) is one of the biggest vocational educational and training centres in Slovenia, counting more than 3000 learners. ŠC NG is listed as one of the Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) that are developing into an important component of EU VET policy.

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Phone: +49 335 56 21 - 2000


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